making silly games in only 48 hours or your money back guaranteed!*
*Money is not guaranteed to be returned. If you paid us then what where you thinking? We are not a real business we are a game jam team.

Founded in late 2016 in a very not so secret space, a game jam. By 5 very tired and confused creatives who spent 48 hours attempting the impossible. Make a 3D third-person stealth game about a cow pretending to be human...

It was a failure... However, the 5 bonded that weekend. Over dumb memes and abject failure the not so secret club was born.

From then the club has continued to perform dark meme-filled rituals (Make Games) in in the glow of the 48 hour moon (Game Jams). Our numbers grew in size from 5 to 6 people. All the while still not learning from past mistakes, We continue to over scope but somehow they still deliver some kind of "Product".

club members




Secret Cow Club is not a real company, we haven't trademarked any of this bullshit  cause we are just a game jam team. So ya know don't be a dick and steal any of this stuff. Its a shitty thing to do and it would make all of us really sad.